Kokigami: The Roots

Who uses it?

What is a Koki?
The koki is the little paper costume or adornment that wraps the penis in preparation for him to offer his special gift to his lover. Kokigami is the practise of wearing a Koki to enter 'The Play' or practise of interactive theatrical presentation.

Some men like to put their koki on themselves and surprise their lovers. but many find their partner's involvement in this delicate stage helps overcome any initial awkwardness.

There are many characters that traditionally have been created as kokis but the focus in this site is on the ones available and designed for the west found in the instructional book, Kokigami- Performance Enhancing Adornments for the Adventuous Man by Burton Silver and Heather Busch.

You will find an example that you can download and play with as an introduction to this art.




The Dragon Koki
RYU: The Dragon

Who uses Kokigami?
The Japanese culture shuns the direct, the frank or the blunt in favor of things that are indirect, controlled, and restrained. This ethic plays an important role in gift giving, where it is considered most discourteous to pass an unwrapped, unconcealed gift to another.
It is natural that in a male-dominated Japanese society the gift that was perceived to be the most important of all, the penis, the giver of life, would be treated in the same manner.

This sensuous art form has attracted a lot of interest in the West. Particularly in America where psychotherapists have proposed that men who have developed the subtlety and refinement of this sensual presentation show greater knowledge of the human condition and can enhance their lovers pleasure by blending intimacy, surprise and the relaxing effects of humor.

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